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Roo's Ramblings

18 August 1968
I'm married, 39 years old, and have a useless MS in Information Science. After several years of being employment-challenged I am finally gainfully employed in tech support and trying to again adjust to the working life. It's going okay, but I dream of quitting and opening a comic book/geek store someday in the future. I spend most of my time reading, writing, playing on the computer and watching TV. I'm an extremely dull person.

I also write slash fan fiction, specifically in the universe of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. I've recently branched out into the Heroes-verse. I'm a picky reader (although I read in multiple fandoms) and tend to rant a fair amout about what I consider bad writing and characterization issues. Don't even get me started on mpreg.

The fiction I have written and posted on LJ (I'm horrible at updating my web page) can be found under my Memories if you're interested. I have some drabbles and WIPs, including my first ever Buffyfic.